Not Just ANY Free Gift


cover2-promised-giftThis is not just any “free gift”.  This gift may in fact change your life!  Here is a little summary of the book by Rev Fred Flatten:

You may have read the Left Behind series as they were being published, millions of people did.  The publishers had a smash hit and almost guaranteed its continuance by leaving the story at a crossroads one book after another.  Twelve volumes, plus a prequel that was published between 1995 and 2005.  People were continually talking about it and asking, “When is the next book coming out?”

Maybe you are not a reader, but you watched the Lord of the Rings series as it hit the big screen?  Again, the first movie was a smash hit and anticipation was built for the next installments.  So big was the anticipation that when each of the next two movies hit the big screen, they were guaranteed block-busters!

The same was true for Star Wars and many other big hits.  You see, when the beginning is good people can’t wait to see what comes next!

One of my favorite T.V. programs was the series 24.  (Did you see 24 Legacy is coming out soon?)  “24” was absolutely on the edge of your seat, spell-binding, and left you – every week- wanting not to wait until the next Monday night!  Every Monday night the show started with Kiefer Sutherland’s voice saying “previously on 24…” and then showed you a trailer of the previous week.  Well, in the Bible, you could say that the Book of Acts becomes the sequel to the Gospel story of Jesus.

It kind of opens with a similar…“Previously, in the story of Jesus …” Right up until verse twelve which is where the sequel starts!  It’s exciting!  You’re going to not want to wait to read this one.  Once you do, come back and leave a comment about the book.  Thanks for reading!

Hope you sign up to “follow” the site and get this one for free!  Limited time offer as a thank you for helping me get my email list going.

“Jesus” – (The Sequel) –

“The Promised Gift”…

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