Tell Me, Show Me, Fill Me, Change Me

What God does when we seek Him

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This book is the second in Rev Fred’s Quest for Discipleship series. It is all about knowing God in a more intimate relationship than most people think possible. Not just knowing more things about God, but truly KNOWING God. The Bible says that God will reward those who SEEK Him.

These are the rewards:

He tells us all about himself so we can get to know Him better. He shows himself to us in many different ways. He fills us by His Holy Spirit with the knowledge we need to live this life more abundantly.
He changes us from the inside out, and makes us “new creations” in and through His Son Jesus.

Rev Fred began his Quest for Discipleship series ten years ago and was recently led to add this book to it, as an integral part of the series. In his 38 years of ministry he has led a life full of experiences and lessons as are shared in his previous books. These experiences are what allow him to draw from the lessons God has taught him throughout his life and have made them very applicable to share for your use every day of your life.