A.S.K. – Part 2

    Within this command to pray I think we can see four general principles about prayer: 1. God does not promise to answer everyone’s prayers. There is a restriction to the promises given in these verses. The promises apply only to those who are really God’s children. “But isn’t God the Father of all humans?” …

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Ask, Seek, Knock

Matthew 7:7-11     There is nothing that reveals more about a believer than his or her prayer life. How that individual approaches God and what that individual is willing to ask for can reveal how he or she views God. We frame our requests in accordance with what we know of the character of the …

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When everything seems possible

“When Everything Seems Possible, Pray!”  Nehemiah 4     This story from the life of Nehemiah is rich with spiritual insight. It is usually preached from the leadership point of view, showing how Nehemiah expressed the qualities of good leadership in the building of the walls. I am going to use this story to show that …

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