The Kingdom of God

kingdom-cover-bk-5This book is a study of Scripture as it relates to the “Kingdom of God.”  Throughout this study I attempt to answer and keep track of two things:

First, which Kingdom is the scripture relating to?  (Did you know it speaks to us of 4?)

And second, what is the scripture saying to us about that Kingdom?

We might compare the Kingdom of God to a tulip bulb.  If you hold a tulip bulb in your hand, you hold a tulip.  The tulip is hidden inside the bulb.  But, you cannot find it by cutting the bulb apart!  You must plant it and allow it to grow.  In the same way, God planted the seed of the Kingdom in the earth of human history.

tulip-seeds-editedAs you trace this seed from its root to its flowering, I hope you will see how this is all part of God’s purpose.  His purpose in creation; His purpose in mankind; His purpose in setting apart a man Abraham; His purpose in setting apart a nation; His purpose in sending his Son; His purpose in Christ’s return to reign for 1000 years; and His purpose for eternity. The Kingdom has always been His purpose, and if you “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” everything else in life will make sense!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  I hope you pick up a copy and read this one yourself.  When you do, stop back and share your thoughts.

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Tulip Photo credit: BioDivLibrary via / CC BY

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