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What is the “Quest for Discipleship”?

    The quest for discipleship is a spiritual journey for those who desire to go beyond church attendance; those who have a desire to know more about God and His Word; those who have a desire to know more about life and living. As an ordained pastor, called by God, you might think this was a natural desire; but I don’t agree. There is a significant difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. One can listen to sermons and attend Bible Studies to gain (and not necessarily retain) knowledge about God, but it is not until that knowledge drops about 18 inches to the heart that we truly begin to know God.

    For me personally, my “quest” began one weekend while reading the book “Believing God” by Beth Moore. In this book, there are four very significant chapters. The first was titled “Believing God is who He says He is.” The second was “Believing God can do what He says He can do.” The third was “Believing that I am who God says I am.” And the fourth was “Believing that I can do all things through Christ Jesus”. These were so powerful for me that I began to use them as a “statement of Faith” in my church as well as my own life. In fact, they are what stirred within me the desire to write my books and to teach others willing to seek their own quest for discipleship.

    The “Quest” began with “In It for Life” my first book which is all about the discipleship journey from beginning to end, and the fact that it is a life-long journey.

    My second book “By His Hand” is all about lessons learned in my own journey, and the fact that God’s hand is always moving in, out, and around everything in our lives. The things that we experience are pieces of our puzzle of which only God knows what the complete picture looks like.

    My third book “Show and Tell” describes exactly that; if we call ourselves Christians, followers of Christ, then it ought to show and we ought to be able to tell of our experiences with God in our lives.

    My fourth book “Jars of Clay” is what I would call a “potter and clay” example to explain why you are who God says you are!

    My fifth book “T.E.A.M.” is a church growth as well as a personal growth book on how and why we are really a T.E.A.M. working together in God’s Kingdom.

    My sixth book “The Promised Gift” is all about the work of the promised Holy Spirit in us as well as in the church, and in the world.

    My seventh book “From the Pastor’s Desk” and my eighth “More from the Pastor’s Desk” are a compilation of my favorite and best messages (according to my congregations and my wife) that are sort of a legacy to my children and grandchildren. These are messages that I would put a star on and save in my files over the years as a pastor.

    My ninth book “The Kingdom of God” is all about God’s desire to build His Kingdom from the very start in Genesis and how he completes His Kingdom in the Book of Revelation. It is also about the four kingdoms spoken of in His Word; the unseen spiritual kingdom all around us; the kingdom of God that Jesus said was “within us”; the heavenly kingdom; and the kingdom to come.

    My tenth book “Let Earth Receive Her King” is a collection of Advent and Christmas ideas for individuals as well as pastors. These are also some of my favorites.

    Number eleven is called “Therefore”. It’s a look at what is said previous to the word, as well as what follows the word, which makes for an interesting study by which to further our growth into God’s Word.

    Finally, number twelve “Principles from Proverbs” my latest book. It consists of 13 principles concerning wisdom by which to live by that promise prosperity and success in life. They are simple and priceless principles for a lifestyle of happiness and the abundant life Jesus came to give.

    All twelve books fit somewhere within the four statements of faith I have come to believe and live by.

I have prepared and delivered all of these in sermon or in study form throughout the years of my ministry. I am Rev Fred, and I approve this message!   

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