The Quest

Hi! I’m Rev Alfred Flatten,

the creator of an exciting Christian book series called

The “Quest for Discipleship”

Are you ready…

…to allow God to stretch your spiritual formation??

… to learn even more than you already know??

… to gain a deeper relationship with God!?

Are you ready to jump into it??

YES!! Let’s DO THIS!

The “QUEST FOR DISCIPLESHIP” series takes you from believing in God and his purpose for your life in the book, Jars of Clay, to knowing God better in the second book, Tell Me, Show Me, Fill Me, Change Me. In the third book of the series, Prayer Changes Things, you will learn how to communicate with God. In It for Life is the fourth book and is your road map to becoming Christlike. The fifth book, Principles from Proverbs, teaches life changing principles to live by, directly from God’s word. And finally, the sixth book, The Promised Gift, tells us the “when, where, why and how” the Promised Holy Spirit gives us understanding and leads us to the abundant life that Jesus wants us to have.

The WHOLE SERIES is AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon and you may CLICK HERE to go directly to the series page to purchase the books or to learn more. Thank you!

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