The 1000 year reign

    Premillennialism, is the view that Christ will return before the Millennium. He will return to the earth before this 1000-year reign and He personally will establish it. While there are different approaches and different emphases among Premillennialists, the most widely held form understands the Millennium as a literal 1000 year period during which Christ will reign on earth as the supreme spiritual and political leader, fulfilling the many Old Testament promises concerning a kingdom on earth in which the nation Israel is prominent and the Gentile nations are blessed. I believe the Apostle John has inserted a chronological note at progressive stages through this revelation that makes the order of events conclusive, and unquestionably substantiates the doctrine of Premillennialism. That phrase is “And I saw.” Look at its use at key intervals;

In Revelation 19:11, he saw heaven open and Christ return. In Revelation 19:17 and the following verses he saw the downfall of the beast and his armies. In Revelation 20:1, he sees Satan bound. In Revelation 20:4, he sees believers reigning with Christ. In Revelation 20:11 and 12, he sees a great white throne and the final judgment of unbelievers. These events build on one another, each succeeding event depending on the one that preceded it. Such chronological notes like “until the thousand years were finished” in Revelation 20:5 and “when the thousand years are ended” in Revelation 20:7 make it clear that John in relating the events in their proper order.

    There is no way to interpret or symbolize these words and say that these words do not mean what they say (yet that is what Amillennialists and Postmillennialists do). If you believe that these words mean what they say, then this demands a Premillennialist viewpoint. I believe firmly in the Premillennial point of view because I believe very strongly that the Scripture teaches it. There is no question that Christ is going to come back before the Millennium to establish His kingdom on earth. The repetition of the words “thousand years” six times over in Revelation 20:1-7 would leave no doubt but that God wanted us to understand this as a literal period of time.

    The Millennium is the subject of Revelation 20:1-6, and what we are told here is simply that during this Millennium, we shall reign with Christ. This is just the beginning. That reign will last forever. At the conclusion of the Millennium, time ceases and the eternal state begins. Of course, eternity is in existence today above the framework of time, but time will stop and the reign will go on forever. The book of Revelation says that. This is not contradictory. We’re simply studying the initial phase on earth in time. But over in Revelation 22:5, we read concerning eternity, that there shall be no night and they need no lamp or have need for the light of the sun because the Lord God gives them light and they–there’s that “they” again; –they shall reign forever and ever.

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