Welcome to the In It For Life Ministries book page.  We have some exciting news to share with you! Rev Fred has been busy writing and has a couple of new books for you.  He is looking forward to you being able to read them.  When you read his books, come back and share your thoughts.  We would love to develop a community of readers who enjoy to sharing ideas and opinions.


On his blog, Rev Fred has been sharing excerpts from his most recently published book, “God’s Top Ten”, along with discussing the many lessons that we can learn from God’s word.  Join in as we continue on this quest for discipleship together!

  Now Available

therefore-cover    cover-1

    cover2-promised-gift     jars1      

kingdom-cover-bk-5       from-the-pastorsdesk       bk8-cover 

  team-cover       advent-let-earth-receive-her-king-border

Front cover 16

If you are new to the site, grab a cup of coffee, cocoa or whatever you like and take your time as you browse around.  Check out the menus at the top of the page, read more about the life of the author, teacher and pastor, Reverend Alfred Flatten (or Rev Fred as everyone calls him) by clicking here.  His passion is for helping others learn about God, His word and what we are supposed to do with it  on a daily basis. Bookmark the site or follow us and please check back often!

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