God’s Top Ten

God's Top Ten

What are the Ten Commandments?  Are they law… like we think of law?  They don’t give any specific punishments…other than we are blessed if we follow them and cursed if we do not.  They seem to be more like rules of conduct that we are supposed to abide by, or better yet, I believe they are statements of basic ethical principles that we are to live by.  They were given specifically to the nation of Israel…  but were they only for Israel?  Then, what happened when Christ came and died on the cross? He was the perfect sacrifice. He paid the price not just for our sins, he paid for the sins of ALL people of ALL nations throughout ALL ages.  So what purpose would there be for ceremonial law anymore?  Rev Fred answers all these questions and more in this personal look at God’s Top Ten.  You may check out his blog for excerpts and insight on this book and all the books he’s written.  We hope you enjoy it and remember to ask questions if you have them!

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